Tooth Extraction & Wisdom Teeth

Do you have a tooth in pain? Or one that is cracked or damaged? If the tooth cannot be repaired with a filling, crown or cap, then a tooth extraction may be required. Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone. Your comfort is our primary goal. We do both simple extractions as well as surgical extractions of badly decayed teeth or impacted teeth.

Oral Sedation
We offer oral sedation for your comfort during oral surgery procedures. It is a very safe method of sedation for healthy adults. Oral sedation comes in pill form making it easy, convenient and painless. With this form of sedation you will be completely relaxed and awake, although you may fall asleep.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The extraction of wisdom teeth is a common procedure performed under local anesthesia. Barring any complications, the tooth can be easily removed in one piece. After surgery, patients can expect varying levels of swelling and discomfort. However, we do everything possible to minimize pain and recovery time.

Our third molars, also known as our wisdom teeth, begin to come in our late teenage years or our early twenties. Sometimes these teeth become impacted, meaning they remain under the gum.

Once impacted, wisdom teeth can cause complications including infection, crowding, damage to other teeth, cysts that permanently damage the jaw and other complications. There are cases as well where the wisdom teeth penetrate through the gums, possibly at an awkward angle, also necessitating wisdom tooth extraction. The awkward angle of the erupted tooth can push other teeth together causing misalignment of the teeth. While it is difficult to predict whether your impacted teeth will cause such damage, it is highly likely complications will arise.